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What our customers have to say . . . .

This stuff rocks!  You need to find a way to show just how great it is on your website Ė a video maybe?


Thank you Stable Grid Ė my friends are so jealous, especially the one that used one of your competitors. . . . .


I love, love, love these grids.  If you need any recommendations, let me know. . . . .


This grid is nothing short of a miracle worker for mud.  I tried it in my very muddiest (and most abused) area.  I still canít believe the difference it makes. . . . .


I love the way it locks.  I connected and trimmed mine in the aisle because I have odd sized stalls.  Then, I just picked up the entire floor and dropped it in the stall.  . . .


Ordering Stable Grid is the best decision I have made in a long time.  I canít believe you call your customers after the sale to make sure everything went well.  I donít know which I like better Ė you or the grid . . . .


This grid is just what I needed and I didnít even know it until I saw it at the expo. Thanks for everything. . . . .


Seeing is believing and yet I still canít believe it. . . . .


My husband talked me into this system instead of rubber mats so I went along with it just so I could say ďI told you soĒ.  Of course, he is the one saying ďI told you soĒ.  Fortunately for me, I still get to reap the benefits of this great product. 


Great product and superb customer service!


Do you follow up with all of your customers?  That is so awesome!


You are so right to eliminate the middle man.  More companies should try that!


I love it that I get to talk to the ďgirlĒ in charge.  I get so tired of talking to dealers and distributors and having everyone ďpass the buckĒ while they all get paid!


This experience was wonderful.  The best price, received in three days, , an excellent product and then a personal follow up.  Hasnít anyone told you this is America in the year 2006?  Things like this just donít happen!


Wow!  This grid is the best.  Iím so sorry I didnít discover Stable Grid until I had already completed half my stalls with (competitor).  I could have saved a lot of money and gotten stalls that stayed level!!!!


I can go out to my barn in my bedroom slippers now.  I have thrown away my big rubber boots. 


I want this stuff everywhere at my farm.  Great product doesnít even begin to cover it.


I canít believe how easy this was to install.  I drove my tractor over it while I was filling it, and it held like a champ.


One of my friends told me this would work even in my muddy paddock.  She was right. . . . .


I donít think I will ever have to strip my stalls.  My bedding has been in there forever.


This grid works for every area.  Good for you Ė youíll get repeat business even though you canít kill it~


I met you at an expo and you told me I could fix muddy gates one time and be done.  I didnít really believe you until now.


My horses are out of the mud!  They think they have died and gone to heaven.


My Jack Russels hate this grid.  They canít dig holes in my barn anymore Ė good for me though!


This is the best solution for aisles.  Iím so glad I found it.


My run in sheds are livable now.  I didnít think that would be possible.


My stalls donít grow mushrooms anymore!


I installed your grid where I park my trailer.  I just pulled the trailer out after 7 months and there were no tire marks even though we had tons of rain recently and the grass has filled in so the grid is invisible. 


I canít believe anyone who sees this stuff doesnít find a use for it. 


I clean my 12 stalls in no time now and then I actually have time to ride.


I just calculated the cost of all the shavings I havenít had to buy this past year and I just paid for the grids.  Good Deal!


My barn just smells like shavings now.  What a great system.  Iíll never think about rubber mats again.


I hope you give frequent flyer miles because I will be installing this until my whole farm is covered.


When I ordered your grid, my friends kept telling me that there was no way I could permanently eliminate mud at my gates.  They said if I paid for Stable Grid, they would also sell me ocean front property here in PA.  Now they are eating their words Ė and my gates are level and dry. 


I love this grid.  My grass hasnít grown in my gateways yet and my hay delivery man asked me why I put asphalt where horses had to walk Ė thatís how good of a job I did!


Yes, a girl can install this and it was fun!


My horses have been in their stalls for almost three weeks.  My barn smells good and my stalls are fluffy.  This is such a new experience!


Sometimes simple is best.  Stable Grid is worth itís weight in gold Ė donít raise your prices though Ė Iíll need some more!


OK, Iím going to need some of your cards.  Everybody that comes in my barn wants some Stable Grid and I canít spend all of my time looking up your number~


If you ever decide you want to set up distributors or dealers, I want to be on the top of your list.  I could sell this stuff all day long. 


Unbelievable customer support!












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